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Why Legal Design Ops now?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

What exactly does Legal Design Ops mean and why is it important?

If you're familiar with DevOps and DesignOps, you know these approaches aim to scale development and design within organizations. In the same vein, Legal Ops focuses on scaling the operational aspect of legal work.

The Legal Design field has been experiencing remarkable growth. Take, for example, the immense success of this year's Legal Design Summit. Our own Legal Design School Community has also exploded this year. The momentum is unmistakable, and it's fair to say we are witnessing a transformation on a global scale. However, we are at a crossroads. The initial excitement of the revolution in Legal Design is now meeting the challenge of what comes next. We've abandoned outdated mindsets and approaches, but the path ahead remains uncertain.

One major obstacle hindering the widespread adoption of Legal Design is scalability within organizations. Our experience across various projects has shown a recurring scenario:

  • An organization initiates a pilot project in Legal Design and is thrilled with the outcomes.

  • Despite this, the initial enthusiasm wanes over time, and these pilot projects often either lose traction or result in only minor modifications to specific documents.

Let's make this clear: We at Legal Design School are not content with (may I say) the rather small changes we're making at the moment. We want to aim higher and accomplish more because we believe there's much more still to be achieved in this field.

In the absence of an operational framework, Legal Design runs the risk of becoming merely a trend or buzzword. A single pilot project is inadequate as a measure of success.

➡ This is where Legal Design Ops comes into play. It can provide the much-needed framework composed of a set of best practices, tools, and methodologies. These elements work together to streamline the Legal Design process, thereby making it easier to scale across an organization.

It's time for a new phase in this revolution. The next evolutionary leap for this growing field is the institutionalization of Legal Design Ops.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming course on Legal DesignOps, launching next week week.

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2 comentários

Marco Mendola #MarcoMcFly
Marco Mendola #MarcoMcFly
01 de out. de 2023

I am absolutely thrilled by this one.

Aura Eriksson-Häikiö
Aura Eriksson-Häikiö
03 de out. de 2023
Respondendo a

Launching tomorrow – we can't wait!

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