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Legal Design by Design: Reinventing the Legal Field, One Word Template at a Time

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Innovation and creativity are not words commonly associated with the legal profession. But at Dot., we believe that the legal industry desperately needs new ideas.

Our new course on Law3 features all the usual suspects - metaverse, blockchain, NFTs, web3, and AI.

However, there's a twist that even M. Night Shyamalan would be proud of - we're taking a closer look at the design of your old, boring Word templates.

One way to introduce change to regular legal professionals in their daily work is by making small, incremental changes that are easy to adopt. And instead of introducing new tools and ideas, perhaps we should focus on improving the tools and processes that legal professionals already use.

Most legal professionals use Word. It's the industry standard, and for good reason - it's reliable, accessible, and versatile.

I've always hated Microsoft Office programs with a passion. However, I've realized that much of this hatred stems from my inability to use them. When used correctly, these tools are incredibly powerful. And that's where Legal Design by Design comes in.

Although the term may come across as pretentious, Legal Design by Design is a concept that seeks to improve the legal profession by redesigning the tools and processes that legal professional already use. By taking a closer look at the design of legal documents, we can create more intuitive and user-friendly templates that can help legal professionals save time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

Of course, we need progressive ideas and new tools, but sometimes we just need a Word template that just f-king works.

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2 commenti

Agree! Sometime the best change it's the smallest because is the first step in the rigth direction, like improving our template

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Büsra Bayzat
Büsra Bayzat
06 apr 2023
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Interesting comment, @Carlos Guzman ! I completely agree with you. By starting with small changes, we can build momentum and gradually work towards more significant changes. :)

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