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Privacy Notice – Learn how we process the personal data we collect from and about you.

Legal Design Project Course

Table of Contents

Last Updated on 6th March 2023

1. Introduction

Our Privacy Notice explains how we process the personal data that we collect from you. We may update this notice if necessary, and we'll inform you of any important changes via our newsletter. You can always find the latest version of the notice on our website and other contact points where we collect personal data from you. Legal Design School is operated by Dot. Legal Ltd, a Finnish limited liability company.

Contact Details

2. Controller's Contact Details

Name: Dot. Legal Ltd
Business ID:  3157915-8
Address: Fleminginkatu 10 A, Helsinki, Finland

Contact Person: Antti Innanen,

3. What Personal Data Do We Collect?

When you register for our newsletter or sign up for our website, we collect your personal data. This includes your first and last name, email address, and any other personal information you choose to provide, such as your photo. We also collect data through our payment service providers, Apple Pay and Wix Payments (find their privacy policies on their websites), and through various technologies when you visit our website, including cookies (see below).

You may delete your account and ask us to destroy all collected data on you at any given time.

Type of Data

4. What Cookies Do We Use?

We use various technologies to collect and store information when you visit our website, including cookies. We only use essential cookies to improve our site and your experience on it.


Cookies are small text files sent and saved on your device that allow websites to identify visitors, facilitate the use of the service provided, and create a big picture of you as our visitor. Cookies do not harm your device or your files.


Our website is created using ( Ltd.), and therefore our website uses the same type of cookies as  See below the cookies we use, for what purposes and what is their duration and type:

  • XSRF-TOKEN for security reasons (Duration: Session – Cookie type: Essential)

  • hs for security reasons (Duration: Session – Cookie type: Essential)

  • SSR-caching to indicate the system from which the site was renderedDuration: 1 minute – Cookie type: Essential)

  • bSession for system effectiveness measurement (Duration: 30 minutes – Cookie type: Essential)

  • svSession used in connection with user login (Duration: 2 years – Cookie type: Essential)


4. Why Do We Process Your Personal Data?

  1. To provide our services and keep Legal Design School running. For example, we need to process your IP address for you to access our website.

  2. To provide customer support. For example, when you contact us, we need to process your personal data to get back to you.

  3. For our newsletter. When you subscribe to our newsletter, we need your email address. We may also use your full name, but only when given.

  4. For our events. When you enrol for our events, we need your account details for registration purposes.

  5. For marketing purposes. As described in our Terms of Service, when you post any content to our platform, you allow us to share and promote it through any media. This includes the right to copy, reproduce, modify, publish, and display your content, as well as your name and image.

Data Usage

5. How Long Do We Store Your Personal Data?

Generally, we only store your data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which your data is being processed. We may make an exception in retention period if a legal claim is made against Legal Design School or when the handling of matters related to such a claim is incomplete.

Data Storage

6. Do We Transfer Your Personal Data?

We primarily store your personal data within the European Economic Area. We have service providers in several geographic locations, which means that our service providers and we may transfer personal data to, or access it in, jurisdictions outside the EEA.

Since we cannot do everything ourselves, we may disclose your personal information to third parties (such as Wix or Apple Pay). You may delete your account and ask us to destroy all collected data on you at any given time.

Data Transfer

7. What Are Your Rights?

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have certain rights when it comes to processing your personal data. Your rights include:

  1. Right to withdraw consent. If the processing is based on your consent, you may withdraw the consent at any time. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

  2. Right to object. You have the right to forbid the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing at any time. You can do this by sending us an email.

  3. Right to access. You have the right to access your personal data processed by us. You may contact us, and we will inform you what personal data we have collected and processed regarding you.

  4. Right to rectify. You have the right to have your incorrect or incomplete personal data corrected or completed.

  5. Right to erasure. You may also ask us to erase your personal data from our systems. We will comply with such a request unless we have a legitimate ground not to delete the data.

  6. Right to data portability. You have the right to receive your personal data from us in a structured and commonly used format and to independently transmit that data to a third party.

Your Rights
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