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My younger kid (he is twelve) started playing chess one month ago, and we got a subscription to I thought I was a decent player, but he beat me easily. I quickly realized that the future of learning is here.

While I've been playing chess recreationally for years, my son has been studying with AI, watching interactive videos, and even has an online coach. With these modern tools, he's been able to study at warp speed, leaving my old-school style in the dust.

So what can law schools learn from Here are 5 things that would revolutionize legal education:

1. Online Coaching: Instead of relying on lectures and textbooks, students could benefit from the guidance of experienced legal professionals who can provide individualized coaching and mentorship.

2. AI Analysis: Just as uses AI to analyze games and suggest moves, legal education could use AI to analyze case law and suggest legal arguments.

3. Pattern recognition: When it comes to improving pattern recognition, puzzles are hard to beat - and is the ultimate destination for chess puzzle enthusiasts. Similarly, legal education could benefit from “puzzles”, quick simulations that provide practical, real-world experience.

4. Gamified Learning: gamifies learning by providing rewards and feedback for accomplishments, encouraging users to continue practicing and improving. Legal education could benefit from similar gamification, with badges, rankings, and other incentives that encourage students to engage with the material.

5. Competition is fun and light-hearted: in competition is fun and light-hearted. In traditional education, competition can often become cut-throat, with students competing against each other for grades and recognition. This can create a stressful, high-pressure environment that is not conducive to learning or personal growth.

If there was a for legal studies, I bet you could get your diploma in just six months.

Of course, traditional education can benefit many people by allowing them to mature and learn at a slower pace. But just imagine the possibilities if we could take education to the next level.

No more boring lectures, no more competing against your peers, no more tedious reading, and no more studying outdated materials. Instead, imagine having access to cutting-edge tools, personalized coaching, and gamified learning that makes studying engaging and fun.

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