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Prompting Strategies by LEGIT

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AI is a powerful tool that can create text very similar to human writing, just by using the prompts given to it. Many people are searching for that magical one-size-fits-all prompt to extract maximum value. The reality is there's no one perfect prompt. The secret lies in understanding how to communicate with AI effectively, and this course will guide you through proven strategies to do just that. This course is created by LEGIT and it's designed to help you unlock the potential of AI, particularly ChatGPT, in your work. The skills, principles, and strategies taught in this course are not confined to the realm of law, anyone who wishes to better understand and utilize AI can greatly benefit from this course. Furthermore, most of the strategies presented are not just specific to GPT-4 but can be extended and applied to a range of AI-assisted tools and LLMs. The course has over 1500 participants from over 30 countries. Here's what the participants say about the course: ❤️ "This course is a solution for legal practitioners to quickly adapt to the use of AI." 💛 "The course was really interesting, well-crafted, and provided a lot of important insights into the communication with ChatGPT and similar tools." 💙 "A great introduction to AI!" 🧡 "I took the course out of curiosity and found that it was a well-packaged training course, which is free, but actually "priceless", for the insights this has offered. Thanks!" 💙 "I found the course to be a great introduction to AI/LLM. The content is highly relevant and presented in a way that makes it easy to understand and implement in everyday work" 💛 "I really enjoyed the course. I think the most valuable thing for me is the change in my perspective on the potential uses of ChatGPT in the legal profession." For more AI training and education, check LEGIT's website ➡️


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Prompting 2.0

Prompting 2.0

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